Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Welcome to Fashion Deal Diva Image Consulting!  

I am Jax, the Fashion Deal Diva of www.FashionDealDiva.com.  In addition to providing great, affordable fashion finds on my main page, I will also be offerring my styling services through image consulting.

What is an image consultant?  It's someone who helps you figure out how to look your best!  Someone who knows what's trendy before it becomes popular, and which trends will look best on you.  Someone who knows your shape and dresses it accordingly.  Someone who knows real people don't have thousands of dollars, and that great style is possible on any budget.

When would I need an image consultant?  For anything!  Maybe you need a new outfit for a beach wedding.  Maybe you're unsure of what to wear to a black tie gala.  Maybe you are uneasy about how you dress for work.  Maybe it's tough to tell your bridesmaids why they can't pick their own dress.  Or maybe your closet is outdated and you need a clean-out!  Image consulting is personalized to meet your needs for any occasion.  

Image consulting sounds expensive...how much does this cost?  Recognizing that most people are on a budget, my services start as low as $10!  The problem with image consultants up until now has been that they are very expensive!  Not Fashion Deal Diva image consulting!  Finally, fashion consulting is available to everyone!

Don't be shy!  Contacting me sooner than later will mean less potential embarrassment from an unexpected fashion faux pas!  No judgments ever.  I'll work with you to bring out your inner and outer beauty!

For more information regarding services and pricing, email me at fashiondealdiva@gmail.com.

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